Raw Vegan Not Gross by Tastemade

Do you love vegan food porn? Healthy vegan food porn? Then, find the biggest screen you can, lock your door, have a grocery list in hand, and tune into "Raw. Vegan. Not Gross."

Laura Miller, a hilarious minx, seduces you with her wit and her food. Miller's ease in front of the camera and willingness to laugh at herself, make her and her foods addictive to watch. The vast majority of her recipes look super easy, and they always inspire me to eat healthier and more raw foods.

I will admit that I do not eat as much raw food as I should, but Laura Miller does an excellent job of crafting raw foods in a delicious and attainable way. And, she is not just whipping up salads and cold-pressed juices. She cranks out recipes like pad thai, cauliflower pizza, 'not' chicken nuggets, pancakes, and raspberry tarts. Now, you should know that most of her food is raw, but a few recipes are not. However, the nutritional value is always there. 

Her videos and food are alluring as the host. Miller creates a luscious foods that match her fun and beautiful personality. I am impressed by her comfort level in front of the camera and the cinematography involved in shooting the colorful foods she produces. 

My sole criticism of her channel is that some recipes are not for vegan newbies. Anyone could make her dishes, but some recipes, for example the Lavender Beet "Cheesecake," take some knowledge, time, and somewhat specialty ingredients. (Note: If you watch this one.... you may want a lot of napkins to mop up your drool... I watched it a bunch of times. I may be responsible for half of the 248,547 views. That is one temptress of a cheesecake) But, I would say that most of her recipes, for example her pad thai, could be thrown together by "vegs" and "non-vegs" alike.

So, If you are looking for wholesome food, that breaks the raw vegan stereotypes, then Miller is your Raw. Vegan.  and definitely Not Gross. Girl.