Essena ONeill


Do you know someone that is talented, beautiful (I mean supermodel beautiful), kind, and an overall good person? Maybe, I am talking about you. I"m sure you are all of these things, but it is hard to not have a love/hate relationship with these kinds of people. Not only did they win the genetic lottery, but they are beautiful on the inside too! If movies tell us anything, it is that you don't get to be pretty spiritually and physically. 

However, as much as those people make you want to throw your hands in the air shouting, "I give up," you have to admire them. In a world where beautiful people are handed what they want, it is wonderful to find people gifted with looks that remain humble. So, ultimately I am grateful for them. 

People like Essena can spread their positivity and message, and because some people are shallow, people are more likely to click, listen, and change. It's science people, we like the gorgeous ones. 

This being said, don't misinterpret my meaning, while I am totally Jelly of Essena :) I think she is fantastic, beacuse of her open and honest demeanor. She does not claim to be a health or envrionmental expert, but she sees an injustice (animal cruelty) and is filming her journey to make herself and other's better. I appreciate this humble honesty. She is willing to share her thoughts on diet, beauty, and fitness.  While doing all this, this girl is lovable. She is perky, fun, and authentic, which keep her videos down to earth. 

As I said before, you can find a smattering of topics on Essena's Youtube channel. If you want to see her answer social media questions on just about anything, she has that. If you want to know about her fashion, workouts, and meals, she films that. And, I think most importantly, she has videos on some serious life-tips regarding how to be vegan and how to transition to a vegan lifestyle. In these types of videos, she brings to light truths about cruelties, in a gentle way, shares her reasoning for going vegan, and how to handle the transition. 


I enjoyed spending time with this Aussie chick. She is fun, fashionable, and rooted in ethics. If you are looking for a Youtube Channel that feels hip, modern, fast paced, and is centered around lifestyle, Essena ONeill is certainly worth looking into. She does occasionally drop facts into her videos about the benefits of veganism (health or otherwise), but her videos are not really "educational." Rather, they, mostly feel like spending time with a fun, passionate, and healthy friend. This intimate style has served Essena well, and her almost one quarter of a million subscribers can attest to that. Essena has done an excellent job of finding her way and showing the world that compassion is what matters most.

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