Cult Nail Polish- Belmont Shore



If you work with people and do a lot of pointing for a living, then you probably love it when your nails are presentable and coated with color. I have one of those day jobs, and people are looking at my hands ALL DAY. So, my usual polish-free, picked-at cuticles are not something that I enjoy sporting. So, when I get time, I am grateful for the pampering and the boost of pointing confidence. 

Thus, I was excited about snagging this Cult Nail Polish in one of my Vegan Cuts Beauty Boxes. The super fun and bright pastel pink works great to spruce up my nails and match the warm weather. 


The Company

Cult is a cosmetic company that was created from the nail art scene on Instagram. Their products center around beautiful nail polish colors and nail art. Cult Nail Polishes come from Santa Monica, California, which may be a huge selling point for consumers that are interested in local products. While the company sells single bottles of nail polish, some of the products are for members with a monthly subscription. Cult offers the Blackbox Club, which gives it's patrons two nail polishes and one beauty product for 19.99 per month. Thus, consumers that like to be in the fashion-loop can subscribe and those that know what they want, can get exactly that from their in-stock selection. It should be noted that the company does not have products in stores, yet!


Product Information

Before I talk about the wear and application of this nail polish, I do want to get into the nitty gritty of ingredients and qualifications. One thing I really like about this nail polish is the fact that it is 5 free. What is 5 free you ask? It simply means that the nail polish is free of some of the most toxic chemicals found in typical nail polish brands. Thus, Cult is free from Dibutyl PhthalateTolueneFormaldehydeFormaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. If you are interested in learning more about these chemicals, you can check out Goddess Huntress's Nail Polish 101Of course, the product is vegan and cruelty-free, which means that making your nails beautiful doesn't have to be a moral struggle.

In regards to cost, each single bottle costs 12 dollars, and shipping is an additional $5. However, the company does offer free shipping if you spend more than 40 dollars. Now, for a girl that used to scoop up $1.99 drug store nail polish like candy, that is a hefty cost. However, compared to a single professional manicure, 12 dollars for an entire bottle is not terrible. So, you will have to weigh the benefits of cruelty-free, vegan, and 5 free against the $17 price tag.


The Results

Belmont Shore is a beautiful girly color. It is perfect for spring and early summer. As the warmer weather has over taken the country, the color exactly matches my mood. I like the color a lot, and it was a lovely compliment to the season and my outfits. As far a application, Cult's promise to make a single coat nail polish is true. I simply applied a base coat, a single coat of Cult, and a top coat. Quick and Easy. Perfect for a busy individual who still wants to have presentable nails! 

The wear was not as lasting as I would like. It looks great for two days. There were very few chips, and those were so small that you had to look up close to see them. On the third day, I started noticing small chips that were not terrible, but the smooth "professional" look was gone. By the fourth day, I needed to do some touch-ups, which were easy, but it would be nice to have chip-free nails. 

Overall, the polish is pricey, and not overwhelmingly long lasting. However, the cleanliness of the ingredients, the cruelty free aspect, and the fun, flirty color makes it an incredible polish.