Ellovi Butter


It has been a weird crazy winter for us here in the South East. I don't know about you guys, but we had no snow all winter, and, boom, February's weather hit us hard! (Some of you who get lots of snow are scoffing right now, but where we live more than 3 inches is substantial.) Thus, with so many frigid temperatures, my skin has been unhappy with me. Dry skin, which can cause me to break out, has been my enemy over this last month. And, little is worse than itchy, irritated, chapped skin, so to combat this scaly menace, I decided to try Ellovi's Original Butter. Let me tell you, after a soak in the tub (just to get feeling back in your toes), nothing feels nicer than massaging your face with creamy goodness.  

I just have a sample size of Ellovi's Original butter, and because of this, the all-over slathering abilities of product were limited, so I mostly have been using it on my face. I am quite sure though that it would work magnificently on elbows, feet, knees, or anywhere that dry skin frequents.

Perhaps my favorite part of this product is more about what it lacks than anything. What I mean is, the product only use six ingredients. All of these ingredients are clean and totally pronouncable. They are as follows: Macadamia Nut Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Shea Butter, Marula Oil, and Non-gmo Corn Starch. I find it incredible when you can basically eat your beauty products. Since our skin has the ability to soak up so many things (vitamins, chemicals, etc), I am always grateful to saturate my skin with natural products. To push the envelop even further, I would love to see this company use organic oils and ingredients. Then, I would want to swim in this stuff. (Okay, it is pretty creamy, and that would be quite the moisturizing workout.)

Speaking of texture, when I first got this butter, it was one of those cold winter days, and it must have been outside on the porch, after being dropped off by our UPS guy, for a while, because it was rock hard. So, my first impression was, "How am I supposed to slather this stuff and luxuriate in a moisturizing glow?" But, if I would have thought about it, I would have realized that the oils just needed to come to room temperature. (duh.) I recognize that first impressions are not everything, and the second time I went to give it a try, I gave it some pressure, expecting a solid consistency, but my finger went straight in. Opps. Yes, I learned this stuff is creamy. (I'm sure my cuticle appreciated the dip, so no harm done) 

This butter is incredibly silky and is not too thick, like some. It applies very smoothly, and leaves your skin feeling soft.  However, I do not find that it makes my skin feel greasy, but I do use it sparingly on my face. The picture below illustrates the balance of lightness and creaminess. It is both easy to swipe out of the container, but not watery or thin light some lotions.

ellovi 3.jpg

On the whole, I love Ellovi's Butter. And, I appreciate that such a small container has lasted over a few weeks and is still going strong. The product boasts a year-long shelf life, but I doubt that it will need to last that long. The size that you can buy from their website is 3.5 oz, which they say will last anywhere from 1-6 months. Considering the long-term usage, the twenty-six dollars per container is not insanely expensive. They also make a vanilla version, which sounds lovely.While this product is one of the cleaner ones available, if you are leaning toward an organic beauty line, you may want to seek other moisturizers. However, while I strive to use clean and organic products for myself, I cannot complain about the lusciousness that is Ellovii's Original Butter.