Think of this site like a compost heap. Yep! I said compost. No, I do not talk about trash or garbage, but rather like a compost bin,  I am a catch-all! I will review almost anything, and then, from the experience, produce a rich and beneficial review, for you, the consumer to apply to your life and decisions. 

My goal on this site is to spread the word about amazing vegan products, help you avoid wasting your money on ineffective products, and provide an unbiased and as objective view as I can.  I wanted to start this site to give vegans, vegan-curious people, and non-vegans a place where they can get a reliable and honest view on any vegan product. Thus, I created my "compost-like" site, to be a one-stop friendly and dependable place to find reviews on almost anything.

I am an average consumer. Like You! I do not get paid for reviews, and I am only influenced by my experiences that I have with the services and products. Of course, I hope that my opinion is both infallible and uncompromisingly right ALL the time, but I know that we are all different. I encourage my users to present their experiences and reactions to the products I review as well. Let's create a community where the best vegan products can shine through!


The Vegan Reviewer

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