Kashi Organic Promise Sweet Potato Sunshine

This post comes right after New Year's Eve. Perhaps you went to a party, perhaps you stayed at home and sanded your floors in your newly bought 1950's home. I did the latter, but I did attend a small shindig... it's what my husband and I call a cereal festival. The one where you stand at your kitchen counter at some un-Godly hour of the night, eat copious amounts of cereal, and act very silly.

During our latest cereal festival, we tried Kashi's Sweet Potato Sunshine. Let's just say it was a mediocre festival, and it wasn't the company that made me feel that way.

The taste was enjoyable, but not anything to write home about. I'm sure what you are really wondering is... "Does it taste like sweet potatoes?" and the answer is Yes. So, if you have always fantasized about waking up to the smell of baking sweet potatoes, then boy do I have a cereal for you. But, if you are like most of us sweet potato in cold flake form is a bit odd. 

Now that makes it sound pretty unappetizing, but they were not that bad. The first taste you get is sweetness and molasses, but then you get a strong sweet potato flavor for the finish, which is a bit odd. I love a crispy, savory sweet potato, so the crunch isn't the problem. But, the sweet flavor does not last long, and I felt a bit like I was eating unsweetened chips with almond milk. 

This cereal does have a few positive points. It stays crunchy for a long time, the list of ingredients are refreshingly pronounceable (mostly) and short. Finally, it is organic and non-gmo.


Overall, it is a healthy cereal that lives up to the unfortunate stereotype of a "good-for you cereal": quirky, wholesome, and a unremarkable eating experience. Simply put, don't center your next cereal festival around this one.