SuperSeedz Coco Joe

I hope, my dear reader, that you live in a place that harbors a Whole Foods. Even though people don't call it "Whole Paycheck Foods" for no reason, Whole Foods is often the game changer for new vegans. Let's put it this way, the first time I walked into a Whole Foods it was nearly a religious experience. Suddenly, in a world that labels you as a weirdo hippie minority, Whole Foods makes you proud of your hippie, environmental, animal, and healthy lovin' self. Every turn has a product labeled organic, non-gmo, and recycled! Can I get a witness!

Okay, all silliness aside, Whole Foods is not the perfect vegan Mecca, but they do have a lot more vegan friendly options than your local corner store. With so many vegan labels gleaming on the shelves, it is hard not to grab every fun new delicious-looking product. But, with these SuperSeedz, our steely resolve did not last long. I mean, chocolate and coffee are the hubby's weakness. So, we grabbed these and booked it, to avoid spending the rest of our paychecks.


 Product Stats:

        -Non-GMO               -Gluten Free                     -Nut Free                    -Soy Free


Looking for the down and dirty specifics? Here are the nutrition facts and ingredients:

The Company

This company started with humble roots. A lone woman, Kathie Pelliccio, started making roasted pumpkins seeds in her kitchen. As the seeds became a great success with friends and family, she started selling at local markets. After meeting her husband, Joe Pelliccio, they became a team and started SuperSeedz, which is growing nationwide.

The Price

approximately $3.99 per bag

The Taste

These coco and coffee covered seeds are pretty good for you, but how do they stand up to the all-important taste test? Let me first say, that I liked these seeds, but may not buy this flavor again. BUT, my husband loved these seeds, and devoured the bag in two days. So, if you love coffee and chocolate, and not the creamy "milky" kind, but the 'not f-ing around' dark C&C, then these are probably for you. The coating is a bit bitter, and for me (who loves some cashew milk in my occasional coffee), it took some getting used to. After a few tries, I grew to like them. A great analogy for these would a be a good beer. For those of you over 21, of course. Normally, you can't judge a beer on the first sip. You have to give it a couple to really adjust and know how you feel. Thus, my first impression reminded me vaguely of cough syrup, but after I ate a few, this went away.

As for the pumpkin, that flavor comes through more in the end. And texturally, these have a lovely crunch. In fact, the outer coating reminds me a lot of the sugar topping of creme brûlée. With all of these flavors and textures, these would make a really great addition to a tart greek yogurt. That creamy brightness would pair well with the bitter and crunchy nature of the seeds.

Overall, I liked the product, and would be curious to check out their other flavors. I would like to see this company go organic, but if coffee and chocolate are your vices, then these indulgences might be worth scoping out at your next Whole Foods trip.