Tres Agaves Bloody Maria Mix Organic


I'm not sure if I should legally say this, but you should probably only be reading this if you are over twenty one, or at least willing to say you are. (Not sure who all the alcohol companies think they are keeping out with that pop-up question on their websites)

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let's get on with the review of Tres Agaves Bloody Maria Mix Organic. If you are a fervent believer of "the hair of the dog that bit you," you probably have had your fair share of Bloody Marys. Fun fact, did you know that expression came from one of the crazy and old timey remedies for rabies? Some believed, among with other crazy treatments, that by applying the hair of the dog that bit you (i.e. the rabid dog) to the wound, you could cure their rabies.

Thankfully, the expression has less gross and unsanitary implications today. In fact, in Bloody Mary's case, the implications can feel restorative and delicious. However, on this morning, I was not in need of the "hair of the dog," but rather, we had them as a complement to our scrumptious morning breakfast. You can see my vegan version below. 

Traditionally, most Bloody Marys are not vegan because of the Worcestershire sauce. The sauce has anchovies, which makes it both not vegan nor vegetarian. So what is a Bloody Mary lovin' girl to do? Well, Gracias a Dios for Tres Agaves Bloody Maria Mix Organic. 

The ingredients are as follows: Water, organic tomato paste, organic lemon juice concentrate, organic agave, organic vinegar, organic spices, organic onion powder, lime flavor and salt

This mix can be added to tequila or vodka, or I think could stand on its own. However, if you have never tried a Bloody Mary before, a good indicator on whether or not you will like it relies on how you feel about tomatoes and tomato juice. This particular mix is very tomatoy and a little bit spicy. However, this combination make my taste buds very happy, because I have always liked tomato juice.

We complimented the drink with some spicy green beans, which certainly kicked up the spice. However, I think the mix does not require added spice or flavoring. If you are a real heat seeker and you want your Bloody Mary to wake up your pores early in the morning, something like these green beans make a nice addition.

I really liked this company and the overall cleanliness of ingredients compared to its competitors. Since the mix is organic and free from high fructose corn syrup, the Bloody Maria does not feel like a syrupy, overly processed cocktail. 

The bottle contains one liter of mix and costs around 12 dollars. So, when making a delicious and arguably somewhat nutrious breakfast drink, you are getting a pretty good deal. Considering the fact that there are about 5 servings per bottle, depending on how big your drinks are, you pay about 2 dollars per serving. Compare that to a morning at brunch, even a 5 dollar Bloody Mary is expensive.

Whether you are enjoying a special breakfast with friends and family, or you need "the hair of the dog," I do recommend Tres Agave Bloody Maria Mix. It is a simple vegan/vegetarian option for a frequently fishy and overly-processed drink. As long as you love tomatoes, you are going to want this liberally imbibed regardless of who bit you.