Theo Orange Dark Chocolate


I am not one of those people who goes around shouting, "Give Me Chocolate, or Give Me Death!" Perhaps, I used to think I was, until I met my husband. For example, when sitting at a restaurant, I can tell you without looking at the menu which desert he will get. He wants the most dark chocolately, chocolaterson, chocolishessness that he can get his hands on. And while he wants death by chocolate, I want something that won't weigh me down. 

Now, if you think I don't like chocolate, I am giving you the wrong impression. I really like chocolate (like a best friend). My husband is just one of those people who loves chocolate with a fiery passion. Perhaps, this difference in desire for chocolate keeps us balanced. And balance is what marriage is all about people. Thus, with that logic, what keeps a marriage is chocolate.

As for today's specific chocolate, I really love Theo's chocolate in general. They make a lot of delicatable flavors ranging from sea salt, candied ginger, to cherry. So, unless you dislike chocolate, Theo Chocolate has something to suit everyone's taste buds. However, today, I will be reviewing their Orange Dark Chocolate, which is the hubby's favorite one. 

Before I get into taste, I would like to discuss the company and the choices they make in creating this bar. Theo Chocolate makes three really excellent decisions, in addition to being vegan. Their chocolate is non gmo, organic, and Fair for Life by IMO. If you are interested in learning more about Fair for Life, then visit this link:   IMO/ Fair for Life Link

It really makes my heart glad, when a company makes an effort to provide food that is not a detriment to our bodies and our society. So many people today are becoming aware of the problems associated with non-organic and gmo foods. However, fair trade issues seem to be talked about less often. While the fair trade issue inhabits every aisle in the grocery store, the chocolate industry struggles hugely with a lack of fairly traded goods and services. Often growers are not paid adequately and sometimes child labor is involved. So, I applaud a chocolate company that makes a decision to ensure that not just their customers are treated fairly.

Okay, so off the fair trade bandwagon, and on to the deliciousness. 

While eating too much of this chocolate might expand your waistline, you can be assured that the ingredients are relatively clean and few. The list is as follows: Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Ground Vanilla Bean, Orange Essential Oil.

Sure, it would be nice to see a more natural sugar, like dates; But, as far as chocolates go, this one can certainly compete against most other highly processed chocolates.

In regards to taste, this bar delivers. The orange flavor is pervasive throughout the whole bite, but sings right at the end. The after taste leaves you with that bitter dark chocolate flavor, that you either love or dislike. I appreciate the after taste, because the richness leaves me satisfied, and I do not feel like I have to eat the whole bar in one sitting. As far as mouth feel goes, it is creamy and melts quickly, but it is far from the instant it hits your tongue creamy melty goodness.  This is possibly due to the relatively high 70% of Cocoa in the bar.

To make this bar even more enticing, Theo Chocolate sells their bars for four dollars. And yes, if you are used to Hershey's, that feels like robbery. But, remember to consider the high qualitiy of the ingredients. And, other companies that tout similar labels (organic, noon gmo, etc) charge closer to five or six dollars a bar. Also, my local grocery store frequently puts these on sale. I just bought mine for three dollars!

One thing to note, if you are vegan, is that while their packaging states that the bar is suitable for vegans, it is processed on shared equipment that uses eggs and milk. This, of course, is your call, but I like to support not strictly vegan companies with my dollar, and vote for vegan products.

Overall, this is a fantastic bar that has great taste, fun flavors, and ethical values.  If you find it nestled on your local grocery store shelf, or at their website, I would encourage you to try a flavor that piques your interest. If you do, tell me in the comments below, and let me know what you thought.