Brad's Raw Chips -Kale


If you could be a fly on the wall in our local grocery store, or perhaps a sneaky employee, you would hear just about the same conversation between Cameron, my husband, and I as we stroll past the "healthy" / novelty chip aisle. Here you will find seaweed snacks, trail mix, veggie chips, and my beloved kale chips. Yes, a whole shelf of kale chips. And, the conversation you, as that fly or stealthy employee, would hear would go something like this:

"Should we get kale chips?"

"Yes, I could review some."

"Great! Let's get two bags then."

So readers, you have become my excuse to not only buy the kale chips, but also get the second bag, so thank you from the bottom of my heart and my stomach.

In regards kale chip brands, the save-up-your-pennies kale chip goes to Brad's Raw Food. Their variety of kale chips are, as my friend would say, "" But, they are not cheap, so we bide our time and watch for sales.

However, last week, we stumbled upon a new Brad's Raw product, so we handed over our money for the sake of science. Okay, not science, but for the sake of the blog, which is almost as noble of a cause. This new product was a chip. Not the kale leaves coated with seasonings, but a "chipy" chip. A flat, crunchy, dip it into something chip.

Before I get into the taste of this chip, I want to discuss its specs. The chip consists of: Carrot, Kale, Flax Seed, Buckwheat Groats, Orange Juice, Onion, Apple, Lemon Juice, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Himalayan Sea Salt, Sesame Seed.

This product is organic, gluten free, raw (dehydrated below 115 degrees), and non GMO. Thus, you can feel very good about the quality of the ingredients and the wholesomeness of the final product. The bag holds three ounces of chips, and there are three servings in each bag. 

Okay, what you all have been salivating for, the taste. In all honesty, I did not love the taste of these chips by themselves. Did I hate it? No. But, would I demolish a whole bag and wish for more? Probably not. I think this is for two reasons. One, the chips are not as crunchy as the standard chip, or even Brad's typical kale chip. And for some unexplained reason controlled by the reptilian part of my brain, I need a crackle when I bite down on a chip. Two, there is a strong garlic and earthy taste to these chips. Perhaps, it is the combo of garlic, seeds, and groats, but the chip alone leaves me wanting. 

However, there is a happy ending to this story. These chips do taste fabulous with hummus. I am sure that they would pair well with any dip, but their was something magical about this chip slathered in the creamy hummus. I think that the fat from the dip helped to balance the earthy and slightly bitter taste from the kale. In fact, I liked the taste of the chip in contrast to the hummus very much.

These chips do not come cheap. They will cost you about seven dollars per bag. While I salute and applaud Brad's integrity and intention they put toward their products and ingredients, I am not sure that the price is worth the taste. However, as a company Brad's puts out amazing products, and I was surprised to find myself underwhelmed by these chips. 

On the whole, the chips are fun to eat with a dip, are very nutritious, and guilt-free, but their stand alone taste does leave something to be desired, and they are pricey. However, Brad's Raw Chips do come in other flavors, such as Beet, Sun-dried Tomato, Sweet Potato, and many more. I only have been able to try the Kale version, and since I have such faith in Brad's Raw Food's other products, I am still eager to try the other flavors. 

If you have tried the other flavors, please let me know how they were. If not, let me know what your favorite healthy chip is. Happy snacking!