Saucony's Women's Vegan Bullet Shoes


Let me take you back friends. Back to Christmas of 2014. (I know a very long time ago. You were so much younger then....). My husband and I were driving to celebrate Christmas with his family, and I was thinking to myself, "Man, I hope I get those shoes I put on my Amazon wishlist over a year ago." 

I was so incredibly sure that I would not be getting the shoes, because they were past up by my family and friends last Christmas and my birthday. I knew that I would have to do something drastic, like pull them up online and unabashedly point, gesticulate, and wink at my husband so that he would know to buy them for me for the next big holiday. (Please note. Of course, some of you are thinking. Geeze lady, just buy them for yourself, but that is not how I function. For some silly reason, through dratted genetics, nuture, or whatever, I just never spend money on myself. So, asking my "free-spirit" husband to spend the money for a gift, makes my brain happier. Stupid Brain)

Anyway, miracle of miracles, there were no violent gesticulation needed. My mother-in-law came through! I was so surprised and excited. My first official Vegan Workout shoes! Hooray Shoes. They were beautiful and incredibly vibrant. That is one thing I love about the Saucony Bullets, they come in such a wide array of colors. Really, you could find most color combinations. So, regardless of your taste or wardrobe, you can find something to fit your style. I also appreciate the vibrancy of these shoes for perhaps an unintended reason. My shoes, are bright blue and pink, which draw the eye, and often create a conversation starter. And, it feels so good to drop the ole' "Oh, these? Yeah, they are vegan." If you are vegan and looking to share about the lifestyle, this is a huge bonus. Lots of idea seeds could be planted this way.

Regardless if your vegan, veg-curious, or just looking for your next pair of gym shoes, you will find these to be quite satisfactory in so many ways. First, are their weight, or lack there of. Going from your run-of-the-mill fitness shoe brand to these is incredible. While the average Nike or Jordan don't seem heavy on your feet, after you try the Bullets for the first time, you may look at your old shoes like unwieldy burdens. These shoes feel like a seamless attachment to your feet. So, if you are looking for a light weight shoe, the Saucony Bullets are worth a try.  


As for comfort, I have really enjoyed wearing them to the gym, to the grocery store, or to take the dog for a walk/run. Now I will openly admit that I am not an avid runner, so I cannot review the shoes through that lens. However, I would imagine their lightness, would be excellent for runners. I enjoy wearing them, and they are quick to slip on. It is no flip-flop, but I never find myself pulling on the back heel flap (is there a technical term for that part?) to get into the shoe. For some reason, I think it is incredibly annoying when I try to put on tennis shoes and the back piece folds over and catches on your foot as it goes into your shoe. Not once has that happened with these. 

One time, I did have some rubbing on my left heal, but perhaps my foot was swollen or I was wearing the wrong socks, because the problem never resurfaced after that one instance. This brand touts a "slim fitting upper canvas, rubber sole, and soft fabric lining with additional cushioning at the tongue and collar." I find these claims all to be both completely accurate and true. However, I could stand to see more cushion along the back of the heel, because this is where I tend to wear my shoes down. If this is not a problem for you, then I suspect the thickness of support at the back of the heel is fine.

Over the last few months, these shoes have been through mud, snow, and everyday wear. And yet, as you can see in the photos, while they are not still pristine, they have held up pretty well. I also have found that after trekking through the mud on dog-walking adventures, that a quick wipe down with water (and rubbing alcohol with the tougher stains) keeps the whites white.

In regards to price, these shoes average around fifty dollars, which compared to their competitors is far from pricey. However, since I have only had these shoes for a few months, I cannot speak to their longevity, but if December through March is any indication, than I suspect that they will serve me well for a while. (I plan to update this after a substantial amount of time passes and give a new take on their lifespan.) 

Overall, I love these shoes for their vibrancy, weight, and sleek style. If you are looking for a shoe with tons of support and cushion, this may not be the shoe for you. While these shoes have provided me with adequate support, their lightness does compromise that springiness of more shock absorption. If, though, you need a great sneaker that feels seamless and streamline, I would recommend the Saucony Vegan Bullet.