Hi, my name is Megan. I grew up in a standard American household, with two parents that worked full time jobs. That meant neither dad nor mom was baking bread and cooking three course dinners while we were at school. However, regardless of the long hours at work or the laundry that needed to be done, my mom made sure we had meals prepared: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This astounds me more now than it did then. We, Cameron and I, have NEVER had our laundry completely done since we have been married, and I struggle to throw dinners together all the time. In fact, to give my parents even more kudos, my family sat down together, the four of us, EVERY night. It’s crazy to think that I have eaten over 5,000 meals at that kitchen table in the exact same chair. But, like I said, with two busy parents completely “from scratch” food was rare. My mom cooked lots of hot meals, with veggies. But frozen dinners, pizzas, and packaged foods were a large part of what I grew up with.

As a child on the Standard American Diet, I struggled with digestive problems. While I never was diagnosed with an illness, I was really not healthy. I was often in pain, and frequently complained that, “my stomach hurt.” I remember coming home one day after school and curling up in a ball on the stairs thinking that I would rather die than keep feeling that way. I never connected this pain to my diet, but insisted on not going to the doctor, because, after years of discomfort, you just learn to deal.

However, life (mental, spiritual, and physical) drastically changed for me when I went vegetarian. Even though my health should have brought me to vegetarianism, it was the animals. One evening, I was home from college for summer vacation, and I watched an episode of the show “30 Days.”On this episode, a manly man hunter went to live with a family of vegans that were active in the animal rights community. On a farm sanctuary, he nursed a calf, originally destined to become veal, back to health. Needless to say, I cried the ugly cry, you know-the snotty one with super puffy eyes, when the volunteer said the calf was taking his first steps on grass. Man, that was one happy cow! After that moment, my morals and my actions needed some rectifying. So, I gave up meat that night.

What a miracle going vegetarian was, because, I became more energetic, more at peace with my decisions, and NO MORE DIGESTIVES ISSUES! The almost daily pain and cramping was gone. However, I did not go vegan for another 5 years. I was always the person who said, “Gosh, I respect vegans for what they do, but I could never do that.”

Now, of course, I am one. After watching the documentary Vegucated, I had such an odd moment, I thought, “Huh, all those years I said that I would never…and now I going to do it.” Becoming vegan took more adjusting than becoming vegetarian. It took more education, and a lot more cooking skills. But, I will never go back.

I am so happy with my life as a vegan, because I know that it encourages me to be a life-long learner, be a force for change and compassion, be a steward of the planet, and honor my body and health. No longer would I accept daily pain and think, “I have to deal with it.” Through this journey, I have learned how my decisions affect myself, my friends and family, and the world around me. Veganism has taught me that I am powerful!

So, with that power and passion, I wanted to make the world a better place in my own way. I know so many people want to live better lives: healthier and more fulfilling lives. With this knowledge and the experience I have from my own journey, I wanted to bring to vegans and the veg-curious a place to find products that honor all their needs. So many people view veganism as self-denial or punishment. I want those people to know that there are so many products available that can fulfill their desires without compromising their health, morals, or well-being. I believe that veganism is not a sacrifice, but a celebration of alternatives.  Whoop! Whoop!

Life is sweet, my friends. And whether you are a veteran vegan wanting to show the world all the innovative and compassionate products out there, or you are veganish trying to change your habits to fully honor your personal truths, that is what this website is here for.

I am here to help you feel empowered as a vegan to share and partake in the celebration! We don’t have to compromise our compassion toward the planet, the animals, or ourselves to get what we need to be happy.